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1. TERMS: This contract is between Chennai Technology, Hereinafter called and advertiser shall come into existence from the contract date mentioned overleaf, when the advertiser either by himself or through his authorized agent or servant  has signed this contract subject to the terms and conditions contained herein and on the Contract Form.

2. PAYMENT :  The Advertiser agrees to pay Chennai Technology the amount due mentioned overleaf immediately on signing  the contract Agreement. Incase of post dated Cheque(s) issued by the advertiser, the following terms and conditions apply.
    a) The cheque(s) shall not bounce under any circumstances.
    b) The advertiser shall not issue stop payment instructions to his bank under any circumstances.
   c) In case of non-adherence of the above, legal action shall be taken in accordance with the         Negotiable Instruments Act.
    d) Activation of you order is subject to your cheque clearance. Receipt will be sent across to you         separable.
     e) Mode of payments  cheque, cash, DD, credit or debit card.

3. RENEWAL is not automatic, the customer has to sign a fresh Agreement form for renewal or extension on or before the existing service period or it will be expired.

4. REFUND POLICY: once the contract is read, signed and activated, customer is not eligible for a partial or full amount refund at any point in time for whatsoever reason. Chennai Technology has full rights reserved. As a policy no refund will done  at any point of time or any situation during the contract period or after.



5. AMENDMENTS / ALTERATIONS / CANCELLATIONS: If the Advertiser wishers to alter or amend the text and content of the Information in any form or whatsoever he will be permitted to do so at any time during the tenure of the contract subject to the following terms and conditions:
      a. The said amendment / alteration is received in writing duly signed by an authorized person.
      b. No amendments fee is to be paid along with the amendment letter.
      c. Cancellation of the contract is not permissible.

6. CHENNAI TECHNOLOGY : Chennai Technology shall endeavour to disseminate Information of the advertiser in the  business Categories attached with the contract form, but  reserves the following rights.
      a. Change all or classifications when necessary to conform to the practices.
      b. From time to time and without notice make the changes in the headings of business Category, which is soul judgement of Chennai           Technology  which would serve the purpose of the service.

7. CHENNAI TECHNOLOGY   LIABILITIES : If Chennai Technology should be found liable for losser damage due to failure and the part of Chennai Technology or in any respect,regardless of whether advertiser's claim is based on contract , tort, strict liability or otherwise,the liabilities of Chennai Technology, shall to be the extent of a pro-rate abatement to the total amount payable here under, to the extent that error or omission affects the entire advertisements and shall be limited to an amount equal to the values of the contract for the dispute  advertisement or the some of money paid  by the advertiser whichever is less liquidated damages and nor as penalty and this  liabilities shall be exclusive and exhaustive against Chennai Technology by the advertiser. In no event shall Chennai Technology be liable for any loss advertisers business revenues, profits, the cost of advertiser of the advertisements fees or any other special incidental consequential, or punitive damages of any nature or any claim against the advertiserby any third party.

8. NDNC shall endeavour to carry out and implement all the service benefits to the advertiser strictly and only in accordance with the standard feature applicable to the service product for which the advertiser is registered and in line with the specification set out in the registration form. The advertiser is required to furnish only non-NDNC registered numbers and maintain the status of the numbers as such.

      a. The advertiser is the owner or duly authorized agents and / or representative of the products /services mentioned
      b. The advertiser is authorized to use the Trade Mark/ s as mentioned overleaf.
      c. The matter contain in the information overleaf does not violate any applicable law.
      d. Any form of guarantee(s) expressed by the advertiser is / are specific and provable.
      e. The contents overleaf are checked for their correctness before their forwarded to Chennai Technology.

10. INDEMNITIES the advertisers agrees to defend, indemnify and holds harmless Chennai Technology from any laws, damages
cost and expenses caused to Chennai Technology reason of  disseminating the advertisers information and including but not
limited to:
      a. Breach reach of any of the terms of the contract.
      b. Any false warranties / declaratives   made by the advertisers to Chennai Technology.
      c. Any third party claims affecting Chennai Technology rights.

11. FORCE MAJEURE  : Chennai Technology shall not be liable for non-performance hereof, if  and to the extent caused by occurrence beyond its control including but not limited to acts of Gods,decrees or restraints of Governments, strikes, or  other labour disturbances, change of law refusal on the part Government, government Agencies, Bank or other competent authority to grant any necessary  permit or in the event of any other supervening clause rending performance  of any of the obligatio  in accordance with the most liberal interpretation of the doctrines of frustration of contracts.

12.JURISDICTION AND ARBITRATION: All disputes arising out of this contract shall be referred to Arbitrations in accordance with the Indian Arbitrations and conciliation Act, 1996 for all dispute, at Chennai.